Frequently Asked Questions

How fast do you make an offer?

Once you submit your information, our platform assists us in quickly analyzing your property and making sure that you get the highest and fairest offer. 

How Fast Can I Get Cash To My Bank?

This typically all depends on you, the seller. If after hearing our QuickCashOffer you are ready to sell your home – we can sometimes fund right away. 

Do you literally pay me in "cash"?

We can if you like. However, most consumers prefer the direct wire into their bank account or certified funds check. It’s simple, its fast and you get paid – instantly.

Can I fire my agent and you can buy my house?

Our job is to not interfere with your traditional real estate agent that isn’t performing the way you want. Should you desire to terminate your agreement with them and hire us to instantly purchase your home, simply let us know. We are confident you will be impressed and relieved by doing business with our office and avoiding all the perils of a traditional and slow real estate agent transaction. 

How Much Will I Get For Selling My Home?

There are a number of factors that will influence the offer, such as your selling timescale, the potential market value of the home and the current condition of the property.

How do you calculate the offers?

Our team of experts use both public records and data aggregate services not available to the general public to provide the absolute best cash offer on the market. 

How does the process work?

It’s really simple. We do all the hard work and heavy lifting. Once you fill out a form on our website or give us a call our team quickly jumps into action making you sure you get our best offer.

Do you buy homes anywhere?

Currently we buy homes anywhere in the United States, Canada, Australia (Sydney), and Colombia (Bogota.)